First Notice of Program Clock Changes for The Lutheran Hour

Beginning Nov. 5, 2017, several changes will take place within the weekly broadcast of The Lutheran Hour® airing on your station. Especially important for stations are two changes that will affect the program clock:

  • Beginning Nov. 5, the program length will change from 30:00 to 28:30. This means that stations will have 90 seconds to fill at the end of each broadcast to avoid dead air.
  • Beginning Nov. 5, the program will also no longer have the transitional music bed at the 25-minute mark.

You will continue to receive weekly reminders about these changes to help you prepare for the implementation of these program updates on the Nov. 5 broadcast. If you have any questions, or will adjust your start time by 90 seconds to accommodate the change, please contact Sharmon Perschbacher in our Syndication department at 314-317-4234.

In addition to the program clock changes on this date, your listeners will also begin hearing two familiar voices behind the microphone. Rev. Dr. Kenneth R. Klaus and Rev. Dr. Dale A. Meyer will appear regularly on The Lutheran Hour broadcasts as part of a transition plan being implemented following current Speaker Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz’s recent acceptance of a call to serve as executive director of the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty. Seltz’s last broadcast on The Lutheran Hour will air Oct. 29.