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3 Days

"I've seen him. He is alive!" Mary Magdalene's words sound the victorious ending to a three-day ordeal of sorrow and grief. From the first Good Friday to the first Easter, Jesus' disciples lived in tortured confusion. How could He have been the Messiah if mortal men could kill Him? What did all His promises mean? Could any one of them have prevented this horrible occurrence? If only they had possessed more courage, more loyalty.

Then, in the early light on Sunday morning, Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene and sends her back with joyous news: He lives and will be with us always!

"3 Days" is a dramatic representation of events that might have transpired among the disciples during a time that was the utmost test of their faith.

More than just another reenactment of the Resurrection, "3 Days" portrays the often told Easter story with a "you are there" feel. The clever script and skillful acting bring true human dimensions to the events from Good Friday to Easter morning.

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