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Christmas Television Programming

Below are current Christmas programs that are still in syndication. Click on the program to learn more about a specific title or watch a promo. Contact us for more information about our family programming.

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Christmas Specials

Little Shepherd

Little Shepherd is the timeless story of Christmas with a twist. As Joel embarks upon the journey of becoming a shepherd, he is worried about the dangers that lie ahead. Witness, along with Joel, the transforming power of hope and love in the "Little Shepherd."

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Red Boots for Christmas

Celebrating 23 years!

In the small town of Friedensdorf most of the homes and shops are brightly decorated. One shop, however, doesn't have any Christmas decorations on the outside – and no Christmas spirit on the inside!

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The Puzzle Club® Christmas Mystery

It's Christmas, and some mysterious events have occurred which require some special investigative talents.

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Christmas Classics

Christmas Is

Journey back in time to the first Christmas with Benji and Waldo to rediscover the feeling and message of this significant day.

The City that Forgot About Christmas

"Sometimes I wish there wasn't a Christmas." Benji thinks the hustle and bustle of Christmas only makes people grouchy. But Grandfather tells him about a sad city that never celebrated Christmas – until one special year.

The Stableboy's Christmas

The Emmy Award winning Christmas story within a story... A family experiences the excitement and anticipation of the holidays, while trying to keep the true meaning of Christmas at the center of their preparations.

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