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The Puzzle Club® Easter Adventure

The Puzzle Club® Easter Adventure

Springtime brings a challenging case and more adventure for those three clever detectives of The Puzzle Club — Christopher, Korina and Alex. When Buzz Rafferty tries to hire them to find his missing cat, Angela, Alex turns him down. But when Buzz turns up missing too, the detectives take the case and the search is on!

Before they can even begin, their trusted friend, Tobias, becomes so ill he must be rushed to the hospital. The club members are torn between solving their case or staying by their friend's side. There's not a moment to lose as the search for Buzz and Angela leaves the detectives trapped on a sinking boat! Join The Puzzle Club on this exciting adventure as they discover the true hope that Easter brings.

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  • 30-minute animated special
  • Barter: 3/3 split
  • Window: Ash Wednesday through Easter
  • Stations responsible for shipping costs on this program.

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